SkyOps Consulting | IAG Launches Hangar 51
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IAG Launches Hangar 51

Yesterday I attended the post launch “demo day” for Hangar 51 – a technology and innovation initiative launched by International Airlines Group (IAG) – the owner of British Airways, Iberia, Aer Lingus and Vueling airlines.

Recently IAG chose 5 small “disruptor” companies to take part and challenged them to fast trial their products in the IAG environment. Yesterday after just a few weeks they came back to show what they had learned and what they could do for IAG.

Esplorio provides an app that simply and automatically records a trip you take and creates a blog style record of the trip as it traces your route, accesses photos, adds information about the places visited etc. For more info go to

Undagrid tracks unpowered assets as they move around such as ULDs, tools, GSE, even bags using lots of clever stuff and IoT technology – Internet of Things. More at

Warwick Analytics – a spin off from the University Of Warwick (one of my clients) are offering an advanced combination of data mining, automated predictive analytics etc to reduce analysis time of customer behaviour and issues raised from months to minutes. See

Resolver is a unique online dispute resolution service which promises to really disrupt the claims management part of the market – uniquely they do not deduct anything from successful claims so provides a free alternative to the customer. For airlines they highly automate an essentially manual process involving Operations, Customer Services, Legal, Finance etc. Go to

Finally, VChain demonstrated an electronic document verification service that promises to eliminate passport and visa checks at airports for known travellers thus much reducing the stress for the customer and process effort for the airlines. Uniquely they do not store any data and thus total confidentiality is assured. More info at

This has been a great initiative by IAG – led by Glenn Morgan its Head of Digital Business Transformation and Stephen Scott its Head of Global Innovation – together with their partner Lmarks and I am really looking forward to using some of the products myself and demonstrating its benefits to clients.





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